Volkswagen Type 3 Stainless steel bumper 63-69

Price 650.00 Rs. ₹
Name jenniferlaw158
Date Published May 23, 2023
Category Car Parts
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
City Adilabad
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VW type 3 bumper 63-69 a kit include 1 front bumper, 1 rear bumper and 4 overriders
Besides WOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO, FORD CAPRI, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL REKORD, BORGWARD, JAGUAR, TRIUMPTH, REMAULT, CADILLAC, BUICK, ARMSTRONG, AUDI, FORD, BMW...we can duplicate all kinds of bumpers or metal parts from original sample for fitting, shape and dimension, etc… (100% resemblance compared with original).
Contact facebook: Anna Anna Ptt Bumper or Anna Bumper
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +84962709762

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