Steering Autorounders to the Path of Social Media Success

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Name Sana Khan
Date Published August 5, 2022
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Regardless of your business size, social media plays an integral part in business marketing. There’s more to social media than viral trends. It’s a platform to connect, engage and communicate with your audience. Social media can offer many benefits if leveraged in the right way.
Creating content on social media may seem like a cakewalk. However, not many understand that there’s a cut-throat competition to grab the target audience’s attention online. It becomes challenging for brands and businesses to be consistent in churning out fresh ideas that relate to their audience and keep them engaged or entertained.
This same challenge was faced by Mumbai-based automobile service brand, Autorounders. The start-up, founded by two car enthusiasts, was in its initial stages, and its small-sized team was struggling to maintain its social accounts as per their style and needs.
In order to accelerate its social media efforts, Autorounders connected with Futuready Media, and the rest, as they say, became history.
Here’s how we helped Autorounders reach its destination by implementing an effective social media plan.
About Autorounders
Pioneering a niche market in the automobile industry, Autorounders is a multi-brand car workshop with a focus on offering car modification, repair, maintenance, and interior customisation services.
Autorounders is led by a car enthusiast duo, Satish Mandalia, and Dhaval Mehta who had a successful corporate life and led their own team in reputed national firms. However, their calling lay in their passion for automobiles and the visionary idea of providing customised and premium car services. This is how Autorounders came into existence.
The Social Media Plan
The social media strategy for Autorounders focused on the brand’s projects. The plan worked as it not only helped online users to visually see the positive impact made by Autorounders. We shared the “Before and After” pictures of cars to provide more insight to the online audience.
The content created for the brand spanned various formats, from topical posts to Instagram and YouTube videos, reels, memes, and much more. By focussing on the services, it helped its target audience to understand who the brand is what they do and how they do it. This strategy was implied across all the major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and it worked and how!
Over time, the brand worked on a wide range of both high-end and budget-friendly cars and garnered success stories from every corner of the country. With regular updates, we helped the brand grow online followers and their customers’ loyalty and trust.
YouTube Videos
Out of all the social media platforms, Autorounder’s YouTube channel gets the highest engagement. Their videos typically start with a team member talking about the project, providing the basic information like car name, type, customer’s location, the issue, and its solution. That is followed by a time-lapse video visual of the whole process, and a final before and after look. The viewers get the complete picture of the project, from the challenge faced by the customer to the solution provided as well as the testimonial shared by the customer.
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