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Date Published January 21, 2023
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Ever since the dawn of entertainment, we have come across various versions of representation of entertainment. Whether in pop culture or any other form of entertainment, comics have followed another since their inception. When comic books come into the picture Marvel & DC comics have always ruled the market since the time of their inception. As they both follow the same genre and that is comic books, marvel does follow a lighter tone of the storyline. On the other hand, DC comics do follow a darker tone for their storyline. But we never expected Marvel to develop a horrifying dark film like Doctor Strange & The Multiverse Of Madness. What makes it dark is the characters and the storyline which you can find it below.

Prime Characters Of Doctor Strange & The Multiverse Of Madness

We did see the magic of mystic arts being revealed in the first Doctor Strange movie. That is when we had a small idea that doctor strange would play a pivotal role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But apart from Doctor Strange, there is one more pivotal character of the Multiverse of Madness which are as follows :

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme and the primary protector of Earth from various mystical and magical threats. Doctor Stephan Strange was an extremely talented yet very egotistical neurosurgeon. But an accident turned his life forever completely injuring his finger in such a way that he won’t be capable of any further surgery. Though he doesn’t lose hope and finds his way to Kamar Taj to heal himself. That is where his life turns completely, by introducing him to the world of mystic arts & his journey to being the sorcerer supreme. If you are a true fan of Doctor Strange and you wish to purchase their action figures marvel then you can find these at buy marvel collectibles india.

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