How to improve your digital content using appropriate typography

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Date Published March 16, 2023
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When you create content, one thing you must take care of is the balance of graphics and text. This is where typography comes in as it attracts the user to read the text. Typography is mainly customizing the text according to the design to make it aesthetically pleasing. Also, it sets the tone of the design and ensures a great user experience.

Why is typography important?
A website's graphical balance, a strong visual hierarchy, and the overall tone of the product can all be established with good typography. Typography should guide and enlighten your users, improve readability and accessibility, and provide a pleasant user experience.

The most popular methods for achieving emphasis in digital media are comparable to those used in print, but with one key difference: on-screen typography typically has a fluid appearance rather than a fixed appearance. Due to variations in scale, resolution, and settings across multiple devices, it can vary from viewer to viewer.

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