How Can You Improve Your Digestion?

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Name Sana Khan
Date Published January 15, 2022
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Digestion is a direct consequence of how your body breaks down the food that you consume. Eating foods that do not suit your body or missing out on certain nutrients can result in indigestion and stomach upset. Proper gut health allows the body to function fitly and overall aids the health of other organs. That is why it is essential to practice a lifestyle that does not hamper your digestive health. By introducing the following things to your diet, you will see a steady improvement.
Eating a fiber-rich meal ensures that the food keeps moving through the digestive tract without hindrances. That makes sure that there are fewer chances of feeling constipated. Processed and salty food can contribute to gut inflammation and so it’s best to avoid them. Soluble fiber absorbs water with ease which aids digestion. A high fibrous diet reduces the chances of ulcers, reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome.
Not consuming enough water is another cause of constipation. Water also helps in improving skin and hair health. It’s safe to say that consuming 1.5-2 liters of water in a day improves your digestive health. There is also a common myth that you should not ingest water during or after meals. But that was proven incorrect by the researchers at Mayo Clinic and said that it even helps break down the food faster.
Compliment your diet with supplements including vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and glutamine. Franch OG-3 Veg Softgels is one such supplement that can help your body process food faster. These tablets are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are vital in the dietary and tissue biosynthesis mechanisms. Consuming OG-3 Veg Softgels every day not just improves digestion but is also remedial for cardiovascular diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, and more.
With the emergence of OTT platforms and fast-paced lives, we eat to survive and not because we need to. It is essential to practice the following steps to ensure you focus not only on what you consume but how you consume it. Mindful eating involves slow chewing of food. It prohibits you from watching TV or using your phone while eating. This practice helps you notice how the food looks and smells. It involves you being conscious about selecting the bites you eat and paying attention to the texture and taste of the food. By practicing this, you will ensure that you don’t consume the food fast and properly chew it, which would make it easy to break it down. Properly chewing also increases nutrient absorption.
Just a quick 30 minutes walk every day also helps in improving digestion. Research shows that regularly jogging, cycling, or exercising improves gut health by 30%. Inflammatory bowel diseases don’t seem to occur if you exercise often. That should be coupled with reducing junk food consumption, quitting alcohol and smoking, and late-night munching.
Practicing this along with a balanced diet will help improve your digestion if you frequently get constipated.
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