Did You Like The Latest Thor Love And Thunder Movie?

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Creating a universe of fantasy with a new storyline and character is a completely new dimension that we come across. But we often come across the element of relatability in every story we see on the big screen. Every story connects to every viewer in a different way as per their choices and their life journey. Because every story presented to us on the big screen is usually derived from the elements we come across on a daily basis. But when it comes to popularity animation has a wide range of viewers but anime is grabbing a huge chunk of the audience these days.


One of the founding members of the Avenger and former king of both Asgard & New Asgard. Because of his irresponsible behavior reignited a war between Asgard & Jotunheim & he was earth by Odin. And even been stripped of his powers and his hammer Mjolnir that is where he meets Jane Foster. Where he layed his marks on becoming one of the founding member of the Avengers initiative. And If you are a true fan of thor and you wish to purchase such marvel figurines india then you can find these at marvel collectibles india.

Mighty Thor

One of the world's leading astrophysicists, from America and one of the premiere experts on Asgard. She found Thor after he was banished from Asgard and fell to Earth while she and her team were in New Mexico studying astronomical anomalies. She helped him in his mission to return to Asgard, eventually falling in love with him along the way.

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