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Name Sana Khan
Date Published October 1, 2021
Category Moving - Storage
Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
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We are India’s first freight forwarding company to commence pick and pack operations. The process of fulfilling orders to customers is not only time consuming but also laborious. If any detailing goes wrong, it costs a hefty amount. There are clients who wish to avoid the hassles associated with fulfilling orders to customers. To ease the process for our clients, we have commenced pick and pack services as an integral part of our value-added services. Executing the pick and pack operations in a CFS (Container Freight Station) is another first for Jeena. We offer this service for all kind of products as required by our customers.
Our services entail support for order processing, fulfillment, and logistics for a range of commercial channels. Our pick and pack services are tailored to suit your needs. We have served a wide range of clients from the retail and e-commerce background. Attaining a streamlined picking and packing process is not a cakewalk but with the help of spacious warehouse, enthusiastic team, and cutting-edge technology, we made this feat possible.
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