All you need to know about multimodal logistics

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Date Published February 1, 2023
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Multimodal logistics in India is a topic that has garnered paramount importance in logistics seminars, webinars, and Government logistics policies. Before we delve deeper to understand why it is widely discussed, let us first understand what multimodal logistics is.

What is multimodal logistics?

Multimodal logistics is a type of freight movement where there is an involvement of more than one mode of transportation. Through multimodal logistics, goods are moved from point of origin to point of destination by using a combination of two or more means of transport such as air, sea, rail, and road. It is also important to know that there is no change in handling of goods in this type of freight movement, only the mode of shipping changes. In other words, the container in which the goods are moved across various modes of transportation remains the same.

Most of the logistics companies in India offer multimodal logistics as one of their services. There are several benefits of shipping goods through multimodal transportation due to which more and more people are choosing multimodal transportation over any single mode of transportation.

What type of containers are used for multimodal freight?

There are various types of containers used for multimodal freight movement. Based on the type of goods, transport type, and other aspects concerning the ease of movement, the container is chosen. An experienced logistics service provider can assist with determining the container type for your goods.

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