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Periods can sometimes be a real pain. Headache, stomachache and general fatigue can be possibly acquired when having your period. These periodic menstrual bleeding can cause major discomforts; and things can only get worse once it becomes an irregular cycle. Having an irregular period is one of the most common menstrual complaints heard from women all over the world. Women generally have 11 to 13 menstrual periods in a year. You may have observed a different pattern with the occurrence of more or fewer menstrual cycles; and it is possible that what you are experiencing is an irregular menstrual cycle. If you want to overcome repetitive episodes of irregular period, this article will be quite useful.

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What Are The Most Common Causes Of An Irregular Period?

The most common stages for women to experience an irregular menstrual cycle is at the onset of puberty, during the teenage years, and at the initial phases of menopause. At these times, your body is adjusting to the changes in hormones that control your menstruation. The irregular period is simply considered the result of the body's transition reaction to the new hormone fluctuation.

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