100% Vegan And Complete Protein

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Date Published June 6, 2024
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Our 100% plant-based protein powder is formulated to fuel your body with pure protein. By blending protein from naturally sourced yellow peas and rice, this formula provides a complete essential amino acid (EAA) profile - free from dairy, gluten, sugar, common allergens and soy. This high protein (80%) – low carbohydrate blend is ideal for everyone looking to add a dose of healthy and strengthening energy to their everyday diet.

Eating enough protein is important for everyone, not just athletes and frequent gym visitors. It is a fundamental nutritional component in the human diet throughout life, as it is a necessity for a healthy immune system and required for the proper functioning of organs like your heart, brain and skin. Protein also plays a crucial role in aiding muscle growth and maintenance, as well as in supporting metabolism and satiety.

Protein is made up of chains of amino acids, out of which 9 are essential. They cannot be produced by the body and hence, we need to get them from food. While animal sources of protein contain all 9 Essential Amino Acids and thus, are considered complete, plant-based protein sources only provide a few or have a lower percentage of at least one of the amino acids.

To Know More: https://nack.life/products/plant-protein-powder-500g-unflavoured

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