What Do You Think About The Upcoming Flash Movie?

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Whether it be art or literature we have always been fascinated not only by the development of its characters or the storyline for the same. But if you wish to see the culmination of both art and literature then comics would be the best spot to explore the same. One of the prominent comic series of all time will and always be Marvels & DC comics. Though they follow a similar parallel of business i.e. following the parallels of comic books. One of the most prominent characters of these comic books is “The Flash.”
How Flash Has Ruled Our Heart Since Childhood
No matter how much we speak in terms of the best cartoon series we have come across in the DC Universe i.e. “Batman – The Animated Series.” But the characters of the DC series have always created a prominent significance in pop culture making it one the most loved series of all time. One of them is the flash & below are some prominent characters from the flash series:
Flash also known as the scarlet speedster, possesses the ability to run, move & think extremely fast. But he is not born with these abilities by birth, he was being struck with lightning which allowed him to become a speedster. He did have a troubled childhood by watching his mom be murdered by something impossible to which his father is been arrested and serving in prison. If you are a true fan of flash then you can find the action figures for the same at dc superhero merchandise.
Reverse Flash
One of the prime antagonists of the Flash series & one of the biggest arch-nemesis of The Flash. It is often seen that The Reverse Flash also known as Ebode Thawne and Barry has been in a constant battle. Constant battle not only in terms of the current situation but also in the timeline which follows both towards the past and future. Ebode Thawne is the one who killed Nora Allen i.e. Barry Allen’s mother. If you are a true fan of reverse flash then you can find the action figures for the same at dc superhero merchandise.
One of the supervillains of the Flash series & the prime antagonist of The Flash & surviving the alteration to the timeline, dubbing himself as the True Flash. If you are a true fan of zoom then you can find the action figures for the same at dc superhero merchandise.

Flashpoint & How It Is Going To Turn The DC Multiverse

Though the representation of Flashpoint is represented differently in various forms of media. But the original flashpoint is tweaked in a very different way. In the original flashpoint, flash wakes up and realizes the Flash has no powers & his mother Nora is alive. His father died of a heart attack three years ago & captain cold is the greatest hero. Justice League was never being established and Superman is seemingly nonexistent.
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