Tips on How to Choose Entrance Doormats to Match Your Home Interior

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Date Published July 5, 2022
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Doormats, as many believe, are the first line of defence of your home. Apart from trapping dirt and debris before anyone enters your home, it also protects your floor and prevents you from slipping. Moreover, doormats are a great way to elevate your home’s design and elegance with their shades, styles, and patterns.
If you’re looking to buy doormats for your home then consider these 4 factors that will help you make the ideal choice:
While hunting for doormats, determining its size is the first thing you should consider. You should opt for a doormat that covers a large area of the space with its length and width. Guests visiting your home should feel comfortable to dust off their footwear before entering your home. When it comes to doormats, you must go for bigger sizes because it provides more space and scope to trap the debris, dirt and grit.
Doormats come in different sizes and shapes. Whether you’re shopping physically in the market or online in the comfort of your home, you will come across various forms and shapes of doormats that will look enticing. However, you should focus more on the utility of the product and go for the rectangle shape. Rectangle-shaped doormats are ideal for homes to cover a large surface as compared to other shapes including oval, round, square, etc.
Based on your utility and location, you can decide which doormat material would be best for you. While hard-wearing coil doormats by Sapana Mats are a preferred choice for many people to place on the doorstep, the super-soft pastel Bristol collection helps you soak your feet indoors. Materials such as polypropylene or shrink polyester work best if you’re looking for durable doormats. Doormats made of plastic, jute, rubber, and cotton are common choices in households and are often placed at the entrance.
The doormat shade that you pick for your home reflects your style, vibe, and warmth. It’s the first thing that any visitor sees before entering your home or meeting any family member. Colours are used to express and communicate certain feelings and help create a certain vibe. As per colour psychology, lighter shades such as blue, green, yellow, white, etc. denote positivity, while dark shades like navy blue, red, and black are used for communicating stronger messages and personality. With your doormat shade, you can make your visitors feel welcomed even before physically greeting them. Though each colour has its meaning, people often choose a dark doormat shade for practical reasons.
Doormats may not be the first thing that you think of while revamping or renovating your space, but those who tend to give attention to details and love to deck up their space, are aware that each piece of your home makes a difference, including doormats. It further helps you extend your style and personality.
At Sapana Mats, we understand your passion for your home and your design style. Thus, we’ve curated amazing and exquisite doormat collections that will speak to you and your home. Check them out here!
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