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Is sleeping on a Chatai good for you?Check with seller

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

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2022-06-23 20:19:49

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Description: Sleeping on the floor may seem like an alien concept for the Western culture, but it's still relevant in Indian and other Eastern cultures. Regardless of boundaries and differences, we all know that good sleep is essential for the human body and mind to recharge. It helps you lead a healthy and balanced life, and thus your sleeping position and surface hold great significance. One incorrect posture can cause you severe pain for many days. Our ancestors and many people even in modern times believe sleeping on the floor has several health benefits. Here are 5 reasons why sleeping on a floor with chatai is good for you! Relieves back and neck pain - Sleeping in the wrong position often causes you back and neck pain. Many people swear that sleeping on chatai reduces pain in their back and neck. You're more likely to hurt your spine if you use a mattress that is too soft compared to sleeping on a chatai on a floor. It improves your posture as well as sleep quality. Relieves sciatic pain - One of the benefits of sleeping on the floor is that it helps you with chronic sciatic pain. Sleeping on firm surfaces helps you improve your posture and prevent discomfort caused by the wrong sleeping position. Place a Sapana Mat or a chatai on the floor and experience a better sleep cycle. Protects from allergic conditions - Sleeping on the chatai is any day better than sleeping on a floor if you are prone to allergies. Sleeping on the chatai ensures protection against harmful allergens that irritate the nose and lead to sneezing, wheezing and runny nose. This will ensure that you do not face any difficulties in breathing and that your sleep remains uninterrupted. Watering and redness in the eyes can be avoided as well if you sleep on the chatai instead of the bare floor. Better posture - Your spine and neck are more prone to curving when sleeping on a soft surface. Sleeping on a chatai can provide your spine with a straight surface to lie down on. It is, however, advisable to use a pillow on your lower back to reduce the pressure on your spine. Cool for people who tend to overheat - The heat released from the body during sleep can get trapped in your bed mattress which can make you feel hotter. Whereas sleeping on a chatai, closer to the ground, can cool down your body temperature and help you to complete your sleep cycle comfortably. You can benefit a lot once you opt for sleeping on a chatai on the floor. It may take you time to get comfortable with sleeping on a hard surface, however, it will be an ideal way to maintain your posture, spine alignment, and more in the long run. Give it a try and experience multiple health benefits with Sapana Mats. Buy a Chatai online now! To know more: