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Date Published September 17, 2022
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No matter how hefty your day or week might be, every individual wait for that one day in the week. In corporate terms it is known as weekend or also known as fortnight which every employee is awaiting for the entire week. As every individual’s have different plans as per their weekend, some do Netflix and chill, some travel out door. But some prefer partying the entire weekend and they have a term for this lifestyle which is known as “party animals.” Obviously when parties come into the picture, mock tails and cocktails also come into the picture as well. But cocktails do have a lot of categories that you can try & one of the prime the categories in the same is Whiskey Cocktails. But have you tried the non alcohol trial pack of a whiskey cocktail?

Non Alcoholic Whiskey Cocktails

As we already know we have transformed in an era where we have the privilege to choose for options. Not only in terms of following a healthy lifestyle but also if you wish to enjoy a hard core life style as well. When it comes in terms of whiskey cocktail, the first thing which comes in mind is it being alcoholic hence some people cant prefer it. People who might have health issue, women’s those who are pregnant. But not to worry we have an option to prefer for non alcoholic whiskey cocktails and below are the ingredients for the same :

The beauty of non alcoholic whiskey’s are they taste much similar like the normal whiskey. But there are various types of cocktails in whiskey & if you don’t wish to fall into a wrong experimentation of whiskey cocktails. Then you can buy the whiskey cocktail trail packs from Bartisans, who as an organization have specialized in providing one of the best cocktail premixes. Below are certain suggestion as to which cocktail mixer drinks go well we whiskey cocktails:

One of the most popular signature whiskey cocktails with this Whiskey Cocktail Trials - sampler pack. The cocktail mixer kit includes 4 bottles of 100ml each and make a total of 8 drinks.
● 1 Tamarind & Orange Cocktail Mixer (100ml, makes 2 drinks)
● 1 Ginger & Spice Cocktail Mixer (100ml, makes 2 drinks)
● 1 Apple & Cinnamon Cocktail Mixer (100ml, makes 2 drinks)
● 1 Spiced Rose Cocktail Mixer (100ml, makes 2 drinks)

Apart from the above categories of mixer drinks like cocktail premixes, mixer cocktails, or bar tool kit sets. If you are looking out to buy a bartender cocktail mixer then Bartisans is a one-stop solution to buy cocktail mixers or to buy cocktail shakers online to have a great indoor or outdoor party.

To know more: https://www.bartisans.in/

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