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Name Sana Khan
Date Published January 3, 2022
Category Other Services
Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
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All the good self-help books, motivational videos, and successful people would tell you that the key to achieving success in life is following your passion and doing what you love. Although it’s true, following your passion every day and making it a successful profession/business is quite a feat.
Only a few people with the right skills, intelligence, experience, etc. are able to make it and live their dream every day without any complaints. As we move forward with our second episode (Watch here ) in our original series called Friends & Fraternity, we got the pleasure to sit and have a chat with one such personality who is the living example of ‘turning passion into the profession’ for us.
We admit that we admire him and his style a lot and that he inspires us every time we meet or work together. Our new guest for this episode was none other than Mr. Aditya Gupta, CEO, Alcheri by The Soundsmith ( ). Besides having a rich experience in the industry and being a third generation textile exporter, Mr. Gupta never misses a chance to crack people up with his witty sense of humour. His passion for music and movies led to the formation of his brainchild Alcheri, known for offering residential technologies such as complete home automation, customized audio-video solutions, and security solutions pan India, and has been a reputed name since its inception 18 years ago.
Usually, it is artists, painters, actors, athletes, and other such people who we see creating a career out of their passion, but in Mr. Gupta’s instance, he turned his passion into a successful futuristic technology-based business within a niche industry.
While working in a highly competitive industry, it is people like him who not only inspire us but also help us to grow professionally and personally, and who have made our belief in building relationships with people stronger. Cheers to him and his undying love for music and movies!
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