Figo-O-Honey - 10 Reasons You Will Love Cloth Diapering

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Date Published March 16, 2023
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Cloth diapering sounds daunting but it actually is not. It is something that our grandmothers have always done. In our quest for convenience we have disregarded the problems of using a disposable diaper. There is a huge cost to the environment and your pocket whenever a disposable diaper is used. There are many reasons that make you love cloth diapering.

It is super economical. Cloth diapers last you the entire diapering age of a child, maybe even for the second child. They are a one time investment while disposables need a daily recurring expense.

Cloth diapers like Fig-o-honey come in a one size fits all format. The sizes are adjusted with snap buttons and flaps. Disposable diapers are on the other hand size based and you may need several sizes across the years. This means that if you buy in bulk you may just not be able to stash them before your little one outgrows them.

Every disposable diaper that you use is destined for the landfill. They take thousands of years to decompose. The harmful chemicals leached from them are a potential health hazard. Cloth diapers are environment friendly and the small amount of water that is taken to wash them is a far more environment friendly choice than dumping them in a landfill.

The disposable diaper needs a lot of water and petroleum by-products in its manufacture. This puts an additional strain on the environment at large.

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