Creating a community calls for a selection of coworking office space

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Name Sana Khan
Date Published January 23, 2023
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Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
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If you want to create interaction and have an active community in your coworking office space, then you will have to select your clients/partners/vendors and associates.
Mixing start-uppers, teleworkers, short term coworkers, young and older is the best guarantee to have a warm and delightful ambience. Your choice must be taken to favor interaction. Choose clients / customers ready to share their experience, discuss their projects, passionate about their work and who will enjoy brainstorming with other people sitting in the same space / community.
During the selection process, ask the right questions and insist on the particularity of your center. You are the initiator; your coworkers will follow the path you put before them. An effective community with active members can be a keys to success for any coworking office space / serviced office / business centre entire.

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