Building Blocks Of An Integrated Talent Management System

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Date Published August 25, 2022
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The vast majority of businesses will concur that talent management is an essential component of a profitable business strategy. However, if pressed, they would have a difficult time providing a concise explanation that adheres to a generally accepted standard of what constitutes an effective strategy. Is the management of talent really such a difficult and complicated task? We at Let’s Talk Talent don’t believe that to be the case. To put it another way, talent management is the process of attracting and retaining exceptional individuals. Because it is impossible to realize your professional ambitions if you do not have the support of the appropriate team. Why, then, do companies have such a hard time developing, putting into action, and realizing good talent management initiatives when they have such a crystal clear picture of the end result?
It is essential to have an understanding that this HR subfield encompasses the entirety of the employee lifecycle. Despite the fact that this appears to be self-evident and much simpler to handle when viewed as a whole, it may still be overwhelming for those who have fewer resources available to them. It’s one thing to focus on organizing and managing just one subset of the talent management system at a time. It is somewhat more challenging to try to create and uphold policies for the career development of staff members, as well as onboarding and inducting, performance coaching, succession planning, and executive assessment, all at the same time, and in a manner that is consistent with one another.
Where do you even begin when it comes to talent management?
Before you even begin, and in the same way that you would with any other business priority, the most important thing to do is to take a step back and make certain that you have a genuine understanding of the most important problem that you need to solve. Because of the low rates of employee retention at your company, are you thinking about putting in place a talent management strategy? Or do you believe that the future leaders of your organization are not being provided with the tools they need to succeed? Could it be that the members of your workforce believe a greater emphasis should be placed on diversity and inclusion? Your first forays into the field of people management will unquestionably be shaped by the overarching query for which you are searching for a solution.
Find out who your audience is
An investigation may be necessary for those individuals who are unable to articulate the central question in a way that is free of any ambiguity. Finding out who your primary stakeholders are and conducting a survey with them is the first step in developing a solid grasp of the problem, as it is with any other plan. The Said Business School accomplished just that, and it began by classifying its most important stakeholders into six distinct groups, each of which has a unique set of capabilities, requirements, and goals:
The chief executive officer.
The executive board or team.
Those in charge of the staff.
The many brilliant people.
Those with promise for the future.
The larger community as a whole
It is not hard to see how they may have different, and even occasionally contradictory, sets of criteria. But how exactly do you go about determining what it is that each of those categories of employees needs and desires from their employer? The Said Business School used a staff poll that was company-wide, which enabled the organization to genuinely concentrate on bringing to life the workers’ idea of what defines a wonderful place to work. This helped the organization to better serve its people.
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