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Name Sana Khan
Date Published July 2, 2022
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New Age Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose comes from the food you eat, which is then helped by Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, to get into your cells to be used for energy. When the pancreas is unable to produce a suitable amount of insulin or when we eat too many foods that are high in glucose, it causes diabetes.
India, Diabetes & Breakfast
A traditional breakfast in India is one that could contain a lot of simple carbs and saturated fats. We are used to eating fried foods and rice-based breakfasts as part of our tradition. Whilst this is okay to do once in a while, it cannot be an everyday practice. We must make a change and move towards complex carbs, millets, nuts, seeds and breakfasts with no trans-fats – something more wholesome and nutritious.
Why should a Diabetic eat breakfast?
With a steep incline in the Diabetes cases in India, it is important for us to understand how breakfast affects our body. As the word suggests, we are breaking our fast. By the 8th hour of fasting, the liver has used up all its glucose resources and therefore, eating a nutritious and wholesome breakfast, restores the glucose levels. Now, one would argue saying “Aren’t low glucose levels a good thing for a diabetic?” But here’s the deal – periods of fasting cause hunger; hunger causes bingeing or untimely food consumption; sporadic eating causes blood sugar spikes and these spikes are not in favour of the body’s functioning.
What foods to include in a Diabetic’s breakfast?
If you are diabetic, you must be doubly mindful of what you eat. Since it is something, you will live with for your entire lifetime, making changes to your lifestyle as opposed to following fad diets and quick fixes, will serve you well. Adding foods such as oatmeal, millets, good fats and proteins from nuts and seeds and small quantities of natural sugars from fruits or plant-based sweeteners is a wholesome way of starting out your day right.
Work smart, not hard…
One option, that I find is great for breakfast, if you are diabetic, is Divine Flavour sugar-free Muesli. It is sweetened with a tiny amount of date syrup and is jam packed with oats, ragi, nuts, seeds and berries. Their Banana Walnut Muesli will remind you of your favourite banana bread with a hint of cinnamon and the Cranberry Pistachio Muesli will take you on a tropical holiday!
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