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Date Published August 2, 2022
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Top tips for fail-proof cocktail experiments at home!
Let’s start with a confession: Cocktails are dicey. Sometimes they can be too sweet or too strong and sometimes, the flavors just don’t cut it! We understand. But cocktails can also be really fun! Good cocktails that hit just the right spot can take an evening from good to excellent.
Mind you, when we say cocktails, we aren’t talking about the simple (but still great) Mojito or Cosmopolitan. We’re talking about really mixing it up with unique flavor combinations that surprise you! We decided to put together an easy checklist of 5 tips that’ll help you choose a cocktail you will love!
Choose your spirit wisely: Whether you love a cocktail is primarily decided by two factors: the spirit and the flavors so it’s good to play safe with one and experiment with the other. So if you have a favorite gin or a go-to whiskey, choose that as your spirit. Different spirits are enhanced by different flavors, so this acts as a good first step to narrowing down the 128304099 flavor choices that you can experiment with.
Check out these spirit wise guides for cocktail mixers: Gin, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka or Rum
Pick a palette: Now that you have your spirit base decided, let’s look at how you generally like to drink it. Do you like adding lemon flavors to it? Like lemon juice, lemon slices, sprite or 7 Up? Or do you like fruity flavors like cranberry, strawberries or guava? You could look back at classics - Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Screwdriver - and understand what palette you enjoy and then find a new drink in the same family. But hey, don’t let us stop you from experimenting. If there’s a palette you’ve been wanting to try, now’s the time! (Spicy cocktails are such an incredible experiment!)
If you like citrusy drinks like Mojito, try a Smoked Pineapple & Basil cocktail but if you’re more likely to order a cosmopolitan, this Hibiscus & Lavender cocktail might be the right pick for you.
Know the occasion: When and why are you drinking? The occasion and mood greatly impacts how much you enjoy a drink! Is it a regular Saturday night at home? A weekend-unwinding session with your close friends? Well, then you might want a moderately strong drink you can slowly sip on, like this Spiced Rose cocktail that’s shaken with ice to create a beautifully complex drink. But what if it’s a full blown party, and you’re going all out (drink responsibly please!), then this Blue Pea & Mint might make for the ideal drink since it is diluted with ice and soda making it an easy drink. Remember, occasion impacts the strength of the drink you’d enjoy and that impacts the flavors you choose.
To know more: https://www.bartisans.in/blogs/all-about-cocktails/5-tips-to-choosing-a-new-cocktail

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